Monday, September 14, 2009


I find this commercial offensive. Or at the very least very poor advertising.

And it seems to be on all the time.

The first time I saw it, I actually said out loud, "seriously?" It seems to want me to say, Oh, look how clorox products have helped women do laundry for decades! As if all we've done in the last century is do the wash, and I will find that thought comforting. I hate that its blatantly directed at the female viewers, and the way it tries to cleverly joke that "maybe even a man or two" has done the laundry-- God forbid.

I believe that more than a man or two has done laundry. And I believe they are quite capable of doing it. This commercial is targeted directly at me (the adult female), and wants to create some comradery about how me and all the other ladies do the laundry and most of the boys are left out of the Clorox club. Look how happy we are wearing all those cute vintage clothes while we throw in one load after another! What a wonderful club we are a part of because we have a uterus! Well, here's news: I don't care to be in that club, thank you.

I actually don't mind doing the laundry at all, but every time I see this commercial I feel like never doing laundry again. It's not terribly often that the raging feminist in me comes out, but this add seems to do it every time... It makes me want to come up from the basement and announce to the world I am capable, I can do more than wash clothes, I don't want to miss out on history taking place because I'm stuck down there doing the laundry. I'm also offended on behalf of men everywhere. I know that you also purchase laundry detergent, and I'm sorry that Clorox has assumed only a few of you are capable and worthy enough of joining the magical Clorox world.

So, that's my rant for today. :) Am I the only one who hates this commercial?


Zach said...

All I have to say is... UGH!

Andy said...

Ah, that's good ol' fashioned family sexism! It is frustrating to see that even though we are so close to being the generation on top, there's still the remnants of those who find funny: "...and the occasional man or two." Ha-Ha! They're talking about you, honey! Let's go buy some Clorox! I actually do the majority of the laundry in our house, and I learned from my dad who did the majority of the laundry when I was growing up.

Anonymous said...

And so begins my boycott of Clorox.
I miss you. Call if you want to rant or catch up and drink wine in matching dresses.