Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this is not okay.

A friend of mine found this website and pointed me to it as "fuel for the feminist fire." The content is disturbing for many reasons to me, not only as a woman called to ordained ministry, but just as a Christian who believes in God's love and grace.

The website not only suggests that the depth of female spirituality is child-rearing and husband-obeying, but portrays the Divine in ways that I feel suggest that God is both abusive and domineering.

Here is a quick excerpt to give you an idea about the general tone of this blog. It comes from an entry about women's concern for their physical appearance: "what we all deserve is not to feel beautiful but rather to be condemned to hell for sinfully seeking to attract the worship of our fellow creatures... God did not send Jesus to this earth to die so that women could get over their self-esteem problem and feel better about themselves. No, He sent his Son to die to rescue us from our sinful, futile quest for physical beauty and to reveal to us the satisfaction that comes from knowing God."

I find this particularly horrifying when I consider the young girls in my youth group that I work with every day. They struggle with the images of beauty that are constantly upheld by popular culture. What this blog fleetingly calls "their self-esteem problem," is a problem that is perpetuated in magazines, pop-culture and even Christian resources like this blog that tell women that their primary role is to obey and please men. In my opinion, the amazing young women I know DO deserve to feel beautiful. They also deserve to know that their beauty is within them (in their soul, their mind, their passions) as well as in their bodies (whatever shape and size those bodies may be). To simply say, God thinks your insecurities are sinful is damaging to their image of themselves (the created) and their image of God (the Creator).


I would love to hear your reactions to this blog.... I could literally rant about it for hours.

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Elizabeth Menzel said...

Hi Katie,

Thank you for this caring post. I hear your passion and outrage and couldn't agree more with you. I won't read the hurtful blog that you quote right now because I know it will make me too angry! It also saddens me that people limit the love in their mind, heart, and life by condemning God's creations.

I think that God's beauty is a gift that is all around us and inside of us and we glorify God to enjoy that beauty: whether it be in flowers, music, the sky, art, or a smile.

Thanks again for your post and keep up the great work,