Monday, February 15, 2010

last stand.

So, this year it seemed to many of us, the super bowl's adds were particularly sexist. These commercials portrayed men as macho, truck driving, violent, stupid neanderthals and women as bitchy, uptight, nagging shrews. Neither image is particularly flattering, and I find these stereotypes to be neither useful or funny.

Two assumptions I think advertisers ought to rethink are these 1) only men watch the superbowl. 2) men secretly hate their wives and girlfriends. The first, is obviously not true. This year's superbowl was the most watched television program in history, and included an audience made up of both women and men across the country and various age brackets. So, by attempting to advertise to just men, they missed out on more than half of their potential market. The second assumption, I have to hope and pray is not true. I just can't believe that most men hate women. I think they actually like women, and want to be with their wives or girlfriends, which is why they date and/or marry them. So, I am left not simply offended, but perplexed. Who do these adds appeal to and why?

For me, the winner of most offensive/sexist add goes to this gem from Dodge:

However, I am very pleased with this women's response to the orginal add, which is delightful. Now, hear me out: I do not hate men. But I do think it is a witty and well-thought out response. And if nothing else, it shows me I am not alone in hating the machoism of superbowl advertising. Enjoy!

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