Monday, October 26, 2009

um... creepy?

So, I've always kind of liked this guy's youtube videos. Yeah, he looks kind of creepy, but in a fun, harmless entertaining way. And he lips-sinks animatedly to up beat, old favorite songs. It's like, "oh, silly, creepy old man, look how ridiculous you are! You creep me out a little, but you also make me laugh. How fun!"

But apparently he's a registered sex offender. He's not harmless at all. He's a real live dangerous sex-offending creeper. My heart is sad.

Boo. That's the worst.


Andy said...

Dear Lord, that's gonna give me so many nightmares.

Andy said...

Ok, I just have to say, ever since I watched this clip, as much as it creeped me out, I felt compelled to watch more of his posts, and I was very intrigued by his thoughts and his uniqueness. I saw one post from someone else which said he was arrested for a non-violent sexual offense (whatever that might be...) and was taken off of YouTube for violating probation in whatever state he was living for posting video media. As I thought about who this guy might be it reminded me about the extraordinary that we often look past or reject because of our instinctual preconceived judgments. I'm sitting in Bonhoeffer class with Dr. Chun right now, talking about how to see the special-ness in life--in this context, prayer. While I'm in no way condoning whatever it is he did that caused him to register as a sexual offender, re-thinking this guy has caused me to be reminded about the extraordinary in the ordinary. There's a clip about his thoughts on love in 1 Cor 13, which I haven't watched, yet, but it's been an interesting experience watching this guy. The Pretty Woman video still creeps me out greatly, but in an odd way I'm thankful for this reminder of the beauty in the unconventional.